The Importance of Water

Submitted by admin on August 01, 2011

Water can be without the company of humans but we as humans can only be without water for a few days.

This quotation shows the whole truth about the importance and meaning of water as the main source of nourishment. Its value cannot be overestimated. It is essential for all life on this planet.

The human body consists of about 75% water and the brain about 85%. Each cell in the body depends upon water in order to function. Numerous disorders are caused by insufficient and unhealthy water. In order to maintain the various bodily functions, we need to drink up to 2-3 liters of water each day. We need our daily supply of water since we cannot maintain reserves of it in our body as we can with food. We would die within three to seven days without water.

For thousands of years, humanity has been aware of the importance of water. In Rome, a couple of thousand years ago, it was considered to be one of the biggest crimes to pollute the water. Today in our advanced and modern society we believe we have to sacrifice everything, including the water of this planet we inhabit, in order to continue “progressively”. We are rapidly destroying water’s life giving capacities. Increased population, industrial wastes and agriculture chemicals are rapidly contaminating our water sources. Our consumer driven society has unfortunately lost all respect and deference for water and our planet.

In our civilization, we as individuals use water as if we had limitless amounts of it. In developed countries it might seem true for the time being, but in developing, densely populated countries, drinking water has become a scarcity for which we pay dearly. Only 2-3% of the planet’s water is fresh water. The majority of this tiny fraction exists as ice at the planet’s poles or is inaccessible for other reasons. Only 0.2% of the planet’s water is potable.

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