Dissolved Oxygen Tests

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James Overseer from the AquaPonics Kingdom Manna

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Mr. Mikael

 Hope this finds you well.

As we have spoken concerning the testing of the Dissolved Oxygen / DO through the World Living Water Systems, “water revitalizer”.

We had been constantly looking for a way to install more O2 in the H2O and hold it there for plant and aqua research benefits. We purchased a World Living Water Systems, revitilizer and coupled it with our proprietary H2O research and WOW. Science says that you are limited to O2 production by two factors; Elevation and Temperature and are stuck with those parameters. One way science is forcing the O2 into H2O by compression and it just pops out, silly isn’t it. We believe science needs to understand that the hot cold H2O molecules are similar to Ph, not the version of hydrogen percentage / concentration; humbly we see it differently. Hydrogen percentage / concentration have nothing to do with it; molecules and molecule speed and attachment have everything to do with it.

The way they were Created is that the calcium molecules electrons are spinning just fast enough that they do not stop spinning, SLOW. Hydrochloric acid molecules electrons are spinning at the speed of light, these parameters is where we humble believe science is missing it, concerning O2. Ph is the factor of resistance, not hydrogen percentages / concentrations.

By your glorious product we were able to install O2 in excess of 40 ppm and hold it there for up to a week with a slight decline over that period. The funny thing is that it would go down some when the H2O warmed, but would just go back up when the cold molecule called it back. Without your product we would have never been able to accomplish this procedure. It is truly a gift from the Creator.

Control was a 40 gallon reservoir with recalculating pump and O2 that was fed through the WLWS revitalizer in a proprietary angstrom mineral process fluid that holds the molecules better. O2 levels instantly jumped and continued to climb to the 40 plus mg/l level that was achieved in a few minutes. These O2 levels were then watched and monitored over the next 7 days. Amazingly each day saw a relatively 2% +/- decline as some days held fast with a minimal .05% +/- decline.

Other test entailed gravity feeding over twenty different solutions you will find in the average house hold. Every liquid was pre and post tested for O2 content and every liquid showed an increase in O2 and improved taste. We know the molecules are being shattered (re-aligned) in this process. We are confident it will increase any O2 level with any liquid it comes into contact with and hold it longer than anything else out there.

Inclosing some people say this cannot happen (O2 levels) we say bring your meters and see, or better yet conduct your own experiments and see for yourself. We hope this is of help to you and your organization, if any potential client has further questions that we may assist we will talk with them. But please understand our research contains some proprietary measures.   


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Student Test


  1. Fill water sample bottle
  2. Add 8 drops of Magnamous Sulfate Solution
  3. Add 8 drops of Alkaline Potassium Iodine Azide
  4. Cap and mix
  5. Allow precipitate to settle
  6. Add 1.0 gram Sulfamic Acid
  7. Cap and Mix until regent and precipitate dissolve
  8. Fill titration tube (20 ml) with Sodium Thiosulfate
  9. Titrate until liquid is pale yellow
  10. Add 8 drops of starch indicator, refill titrator with Sodium Thiosulfate
  11. Titrate until blue color fades and becomes clear, read results in p.p.m. dissolved oxygen.

Results of find:

  1. City Water w/out filtration Dissolved Oxygen: 1 p.p.m. This is fatal to most species of aquatic creatures and many die in water of this concentration of oxygen.
  2. Vortex Water Revitalizer Pipe – 6 p.p.m. This is the highest concentration of Dissolved Oxygen we find in nature.
  3. Vortex Water Revitalizer Pipe and U.V. Light Filtration – 4 p.p.m. under being preferred for most aquatic species. The conclusion that we have come to is that the UV Light must break the bonds between the water and allows some of it to dissolve out.

Micro Organisms and Elements:

  1. We found all three to be free of Micro Organisms including E-coli and micro algae.
  2. We found higher levels of Chlorine in the City Water about 8 mg/L. The other two forms of filtration had small amounts of chlorine in them but they were immeasurable.
  3. They all three were negative for nitrogen.

Mrs. Baker was extremely skeptical that the Vortex Water Revitalizer Pipe would make a difference in the dissolved oxygen count, but after seeing the results was quite amazed.

Student who performed the above tests:

Derek R. Bradley

Derek R. Bradley

Jordan Styles