Vortex Water Revitalizer Flow Dynamics Testing

Submitted by administrator on October 12, 2023


Flow Dynamics Discussion

Over the last two decades, I have every now and then been asked the following question.

How much drop in flow rate and or in pressure will the Vortex Water Revitalizer cause?

My theoretic contemplations on this issue has always revolved around the proportional relation between curved space and tubular space, where I have theorized, that the curved spaces causes less restrictions and may actually decrease flow resistance, whereas the tubular space surface will cause restrictions. These two factors may balance each other out, with the result, that the flow rate would be more or less the same as before installing the Vortex Water Revitalizer.

Facing that same question of potential reduction of flow rate in a massive irrigation system, I decided to make a dramatic set up to conduct flow rate testing.

The setup consists of

One garden outlet with a splitter screwed onto it.

Two identical flexible hoses with snap-on fittings on them

One 8 foot long 3/4 inch diameter copper pipe type K (thickest wall) with no vortex insert

One 8 foot long 3/4 inch diameter copper pipe type K (thickest wall)  with a 7.5 foot long vortex inserted

Each end of the two copper pipes has a 100 feet long 3/4 inch garden hose attached.

Those two garden hoses are then running up a small hill, along the top of the hill and then down the hill parallel to eah other.

Before I attached the two garden hoses, I took photos of how the water flow looked as it came out of the two pipes. The one with the vortex insert came out in a nice spiraling flow, whereas the pipe without the vortex insert, came out with just a little bit of spiraling motion. Keep in mind, that the house already has a 3/4 inch River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer installed on the main line before it splits into the hot and cold pipes.

What will the flow rate measurement show? I am thinking it could go either way. Hopefully not down showing a reduction of the flow rate. Maybe more likely more or less the same with  minor increase or decrease.

Here are the two flexible hoses

starting point

Here is an overview of the setup after the two hoses has been attached.

Flow rate comparison between the Vortex Pipe insert and the empty pipe.

What do you think the flow rate will be in the 8 feet long Vortex Water Revitalizer pipe with its 7.5 feet long spiral insert?


Here is a photo of how the water looks when it comes out full force of the River of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer.



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