Water Bottling Facilities

The Vortex Water Revitalizer is the best addition to a water bottling facility, in order to produce bottled water that is highly sought after by customers. Many water bottling companies use filters to clean and purify the water they sell to customers, however filters generally leave water tasting flat and lacking in vitality. The use of the Vortex Water Revitalizer both before and after any filter or water treatment system will restore the vitality to water and guarantees a number of benefits and improved qualities to your water:

  • Dramatically improved taste and feel of the water.
  • The act of drinking becomes a much more enjoyable experience because of the improvement in taste and water quality.
  • Revitalized Water is made up of micro-clustered water molecules and is superior in absorption; as a result, your body instantly absorbs it when swallowed, leading to better hydration.
  • Revitalized Water will never sit heavily or slosh around in ones stomach, unlike most bottled water, so larger quantities of water can be consumed at one time.
  • Revitalized Water helps in the efficient absorption of nutrients by your cells and improvement of bodily functions.

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