An instantaneous transformation of the water

"I have been using this product for four years now. There is no other product available, which can do as much for green living than this one. The water that travels through our city pipes arrives so degraded and polluted, with both chlorine and fluoride, that drinking it, washing with it, growing our gardens with it and flushing it down the drain do much damage to our own internal biology and the ecology of the land and waterways that come in contact with this water.

The pipes that World Living Water Systems manufacture are unique in so many ways. They require only a one time installation, have no moving parts, never require replacement or refills etc., and cause an instantaneous transformation of the water, enlivening it to such a degree that the effects can be felt, either immediately, or within a few days following installation. This "vortex" pipe is inserted into one's home or business water supply right at the point of its entry into the building. All the water is thus treated. For communities that have a water shortage, the use of this water results in gardens and lawns needing about 30% less water to maintain healthy growth. This water is better held by the roots and soil as it is biologically recognizable to the plants and soil. The plants also grow significantly better and produce larger yields. Think of this technology in all the irrigation farms across the country, and its impact on the ecology of the land, i.e. greater farm output results in less fossil fuels per yield and less total water consumed.

Within the household the "living water" benefits us biologically both internally and externally. In my own household I have experienced several profound benefits:

  1. Toilet bowl rings either never form or wipe away readily without the need for harsh chemicals. Living water is naturally antibacterial. Contrast the water in a stagnant pond and in a rushing mountain stream. The latter is naturally energetic and in such a state does not support anaerobic bacterial life. The water that comes to us in city pipes has traveled in straight lines, which is unnatural for water, and as such the life force energy is stripped away. This necessitates our city works department having to add the hugely toxic and deadly chemical chlorine, to the water, to kill any potentially pathogenic organisms. In our homes, parents always concerned about their children’s' health, will not need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to "sanitize" everything. This water naturally cleans surfaces.
  2. Skin feels softer and healthier following bathing.
  3. Less chlorine is needed in backyard pools that have these pipes installed in their circulation system.
  4. Clothing comes out cleaner and requires less soap.
  5. The wastewater that goes down the drains continues to clean and enliven the water all the way to the city purification plant. Any body of water that receives the outflow from a home or business, whose water is treated with this pipe, will experience ecological benefits.
  6. Drinking water is improved in taste, cellular absorption, and the chlorine content of the water is amazingly reduced by 30%, resulting in less of that toxic chemical being ingested into our bodies."
Testimonial Sent By
Vance Logan, MD; Toronto, Canada