Restaurants & Hotels

All water related tasks and services in hospitality industries like hotels, restaurants and bars will dramatically improve with the use of the Vortex Water Revitalizer. Installation is simple and will vary depending on the size and layout of the venue. Install one time, without the need for replacement parts or maintenance.

Benefits of the Vortex Water Revitalizer for restaurants and hotels:

  • Improve the taste and feel of water, making it more enjoyable for customers and better for their health.
  • Glasses and dishes will sparkle, without any residue or mineral deposits, and water spots will be reduced or eliminated.
  • Use less energy for the production of ice whether in freezers or icemakers. The ice will be made faster and will appear clearer and taste better because of the elimination of bacteria and improvement of water quality.
  • Improve the general hygiene of the facility with Revitalized Water, which has natural antibacterial properties and also helps to break down and reduce levels of bacteria in pipes, sinks and any water related appliances.
  • Drink dispensers will be cleaner and deliver better tasting drinks.
  • Cleaning and maintenance related tasks will be done more efficiently with better results.

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