The taste is smooth and almost sweet

”My partner and I we are using the Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitalizer for 3 months now and the results are just amazing. Since the body absorbs about 6-8 glasses of water during the shower, the effects on our bodies is amazing. Our skin became noticeably softer and seems to have a healthy, shiny glow since we use Mikael’s water system. I use less soap and 3 times less shampoo and conditioner, my hair and that of my partner is soft and shiny now and not brittle any more!

We also drink the water, we just refill our 3 big gallon jugs in the shower and take it to the kitchen. We cook with it, we drink it, we water our plants with it and we also have a big open jug in our fridge to keep our vegetables fresh and it works! We offer to everybody who comes to visit us our alive water, and without any exception everybody could taste the difference and we do too. The taste is smooth and almost sweet and even when I drink one liter in the morning on an empty stomach the water doesn't slosh in my stomach. We both feel more energetic and clear with the alive water and it also makes us drink more water, because of it's 'sweet' taste. We can't imagine drinking regular tap water or bottled water any more and take our water wherever we go. We are so grateful to have the alive water, it is a real blessing! Thanks. “

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Krishna & Shyama Jaswal; Victoria, Canada