Does the Vortex Water Revitalizer remove chlorine from the water?

Yes. When water passes through the double spiral flow form inside the Vortex Water Revitalizer it is put through a vortexing action, which causes implosion in the water. This act of implosion causes the clusters of water molecules, which make up the structure of water, to disperse into micro clusters, or smaller clusters of water molecules. During this process heavy gases like chlorine are separated from the water. When water is released from your tap the chlorine evaporates from the water, leaving your water free or extremely reduced of chlorine. The smell and taste of chlorine will be eliminated or dramatically reduced, along with its harmful effects. If extremely high levels of chlorine are present in your city water you may need to let the water sit in an open container to allow for all the chlorine to evaporate fully. In most cases this is not necessary.