Build-up of minerals has stopped

”My home is in a rural setting where the water is drawn from a well. The water is quite hard. Previous to the Vortex Water Revitalizer there was a consistent build-up of mineral deposits around the kitchen faucet, shower head etc. Once the Vortex Water Revitalizer was installed this build-up of minerals stopped.

What is really impressive is how my dishwasher was flushed of the calcified minerals, which had accumulated over the course of approximately 15 years. What appeared to be an ineffective dishwasher due to age was really just a clogged machine. The first time using the dishwasher after the Vortex Water Revitalizer installation, there was a white, hard, gritty film over all dishes. At first I was dismayed thinking the minerals were going to settle on my dishes each time I used the dishwasher. However, after the next couple of cycles everything has been consistently sparkling clean. No chemical solutions are used to eliminate spotting. And all water-jets appear to be wide open now with no visible deposits of minerals.

Another huge bonus is how my vegetables have benefited. In the past, only certain plants did well. The plants have always had plenty of water even during hot and dry spells, given I use 1/4" soaker hoses running along the root of each plant. Regardless of the amount of water however, certain vegetables in the past were very scrawny and simply didn't bear fruit. Since using the Vortex Water Revitalizer, every type of vegetable I planted has yielded very impressive amounts of produce. My garden is now like a jungle. The yield is so much more over previous years; I've been giving much of the produce away to neighbors and friends.

It's amazing how this simply designed product can have such a profound impact on day to day living.“

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MN; Ontario, Canada