The condition of my son' skin improved

”I bought my first Vortex Water Revitalizer about 4 years ago. My oldest son, who for some time had had problems with eczema, had been living away from home for a few months. In that period of time, his skin cleared up. When he moved back home, the eczema returned. The only thing that we could think of that was different was the water. There was well water at the place he had been living, and filter, so we figured that showering with the chlorinated water was causing the problem. I discovered your website and after talking to you ordered the whole house unit.

As soon as we had it installed, the condition of my son’s skin improved dramatically. Several months later, he moved into an apartment building, which also had chlorinated water so I bought the shower unit for him. That way he could take it with him wherever he moved. He would also be able to get his drinking water from this unit. The taste of the water was so much better that before long, several of the other tenants were coming to get their drinking water from him. I have since given information about your product to others as I feel it is a wonderful solution for improving the quality of our water! “

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AB; Nova Scotia, Canada