The kettle has no build up in need for fabric softener

”About a year ago I moved into this new 20 year old home with a drilled well, and did notice the smell of the water and also noticed how the bathtub, toilets and sinks were very yellow. The only way I could get the bathroom clean was by using Salts of Lemon crystals weekly and always used a harsh cleaner between the use of the crystals. This worked but did not last. We renovated the house and put in a new kitchen and new WHITE fixture bathrooms, where we were told that we would need a water system to keep things white otherwise we were crazy getting everything in white, and even the dishwasher they were telling us that we should have stainless steel due to the build up we were having.

Then I heard about the World Living Water Systems and initially thought it was too expensive for just a piece of 'pipe' and was thinking of installing a Water Softening System, but for some unknown reason we decided to go with the Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer 3/4“ diameter pipe. To install it, the water system had to be totally shut off, done, now the water system turned on, to our amazement no water was coming out of the faucets, the toilets would not flush and bath faucet would run very slowly (black ugly water). Worried now that something we did caused other problems, we called a plumber and explained the situation. His recommendation was to take the screens off the faucets. Well, they were totally blocked with gunk. We let all taps in the house run for 1/2 hour to flush all out.
Since the installation we found that the water tastes great, the kettle has no build up in it, the bathrooms are still a sparkling white. I use absolutely NO harsh cleaners at all. The dishwasher is still white inside and I used maybe 2 1.8 liters of laundry soap since Christmas, and I have no need for fabric softener.

About 8 months after I moved to this new home my hairdresser, whom I have had for many years, asked me what has happened to my hair. The only explanation I had then was the hard water we had. With the installation of the World Living Water System my hair is soft, shines, has more body and life to it and again noticed by my hairdresser. My skin is softer and you use less soap, be whatever it is laundry, dish, shampoo, conditioner it is really amazing.

About a month a go we needed to do more plumbing and had to turn the water supply off, did the work and turned the water supply back on again and this time there was no build up in the faucets and the water, when turned back on and running, was clear. My husband actually commented then saying ”This thing truly works. Otherwise the water would have been black when turned back on“. So my husband and I are totally convinced. My children even commented that this is a must for every home. “

Testimonial Sent By
Frances Quin; Ontario, Canada