No more dandruff

”My wife, my son aged 8 months and myself moved to a new place some weeks ago. When we arrived, we noticed that the water at the tap was very hard. A few days later, I started to have more dandruff. It was worse for my wife and son that had itches and patches all over their body after the shower.

As we couldn’t install a water softener on the main line, I bought the Shower of Life VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer]. First I was a bit skeptical but my doubts have quickly gone away.

Itches and patches disappeared after the first shower. Three weeks later I had no dandruff anymore.

We have also used revitalized water for cooking. The rice and pasta are much better and firmer. The rice also stays eatable for 4 or 5 days, as it used to be spoiled less than 24 hours after cooking with our ordinary tap water.

I drink revitalized water everyday. The taste reminds me of the natural water I used to drink in my parents’ home in the mountains of the Vosges, many years ago. I feel that I have more energy and fewer stomachaches.

We have also given revitalized water to pot plants. We bought one on sale in a supermarket. The plant was really in a poor condition. We poured revitalized water on it everyday during two weeks and saw it regain vitality. There are now six new flowers on this plant that is now bigger and stronger.

The VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] has really changed our lives. I don’t use soap anymore when I take showers because revitalized water leaves my skin soft and clean better than ever. I think everybody should have a VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] at home because it makes life healthier in an ecological way.“

Testimonial Sent By
Franck Guilbert; France