Our energy seems to be restored

”I would just like to take the time to comment to you how much we are enjoying our Vortex Water Revitalizer!
The three of us have all noticed different changes since we installed our water system. Our skin is softer, as well as our hair, after we shower. The hot water now gets hot a lot faster and stays hot a lot longer. We instantly noticed a difference in the taste of the water as none of the additives could be tasted and we could finally drink right out of our own tap!! It was amazing to see this change as soon as the new "pipe" was installed!

Besides these things...we have also noticed that if we are low on energy, after drinking a couple of glasses of water, our energy seems to be restored. This is probably due to the high absorption rate into our body. This is great help for when tired at work in the afternoon!

We are extremely pleased with our Vortex Water Revitalizer and would highly recommend it to everyone else. The beautiful part too is that its portable, so when we move we can bring it with us! It saves a great deal of money for us as we used to buy jugs of water all the time. This was one of the best investments towards our health that we've made in a long time!“

Testimonial Sent By
Fran & Dean Holtby, and Cathy Yeomans; Surrey, Canada