Our Strawberries are "Ever-bearing"

”We are noticing a huge difference. Not only did the flowers come to life on the north side of our house; but they have amazing colors! My Geranium flowers had died off and have come back and re-bloomed - they have never done that for me before!

I have one of the nicest flowerbeds in the area now, and I am getting compliments for it where I never have had compliments before - both for flower, color and growth.

Our Strawberries are "Ever-bearing" (until first frost). Usually over the past years we have picked a few handfuls a week all through the summer. After installing the VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] the first time was a handful, the second was 1 1/2 cups, the third time was about 6 cups of strawberries!

We have had this strawberry bed for at least 10 years and never had yields like this before ever! We are also using this water on the garden and find that it is better than rainwater for making the plants grow!

We are drinking more water because it really tastes good, I personally don't usually care for the taste of city water. The cat is actually drinking water on her own now too! The Vet had us mixing water into her food because she was dehydrated - not anymore.“


Testimonial Sent By
Kasandra Tanner; Saskatchewan, Canada