Sewage water virtually crystal clear

"In every 'waste water treatment plant' throughout the world, they use aerators (pumps that blow air into the effluent) in order to feed the aerobic bacteria. The reason is that aerobic bacteria needs oxygen to live and is much more efficient in breaking down the waste product in sewage. On the other hand, anaerobic bacteria can live in an oxygen free environment and produces toxic waste (E. coli.) and is also very inefficient in breaking down organic matter.

If you take both of these processes into consideration, of which the anaerobic bacteria is predominant in all household septic systems, it stands to reason that if more oxygen is in the water, decomposition will be accelerated.

A few months ago, I tested the Revitalized water with my neighbors water. The results showed that the Revitalized water had 24% more oxygen in it. The test was carried out by an engineer from the Alaska State Department of Natural Resources who used a 'Dissolved Oxygen Meter'. In order to get a good cross comparison, we used well water from the same aquifer and the temperature of both had to be exactly the same.

In conclusion, the 24% rise in oxygen is a significant increase that not only is highly beneficial for the human body but will be very effective in keeping a septic system running smoothly."

This is a picture of John’s sewage water 6 months after installation of the Vortex Water Revitalizer it is virtually crystal clear. Before installation John’s sewage water was brown in colour and had a putrid odor. The odor was dramatically decreased and when John irrigates his lawn with the sewage water the odor is completely gone after 5 minutes.

Testimonial Sent By
John Evans; Alaska, USA