Well water transformed

Describing his water problems prior to installation of the Vortex Water Revitalizer:

”First, although I have confidence in your revitalizer system (based on gut instinct really), this is why I don't think it will fix my immediate problem, but I am hoping to be wrong:

Recently my water has gone 'bad'. This happens mainly after it rains. There are small leaks in the well lining, which is a simple, hand-made affair comprising two large blue food-grade plastic 55 gallon drums, one on top of the other. Where they join there are now some cracks where muddy water is seeping in, also some plant roots. The well is in a small depression and is the lowest point around, so also vulnerable to a certain amount of run-off, although it is surrounded by trees and tall grasses (which I don't cut) so there is no obvious flow of water on the surface. I intend to shore up the little house on top of the well with fresh lumber and also place a protective bank of concrete all around the house walls, 3-4" high, but suspect the problem is from water seeping in from only a couple of feet below the surface, which water is basically run-off and has not been fully processed by the earth. The water smells rotten, like there are dead things in it, but I cannot see any in the well although it is possible they are there and I can't see them of course. But then this smell goes away after a few dry days so I suspect this is the smell of damp earth/mud mixed in with water. It goes a slightly yellow color too when it is off, which you can only see when you pour a large amount into a carboy or bathtub.

However, there is something else going on I just noticed this morning but has happened for several days now but I didn't really notice (stupidly). I picked up a stray cat a year or two ago - or I should say that she picked me. She is very picky as such cats are. In the winter, she drinks water from the tap. She won't touch still water in a bowl, either plastic or pottery. Ever. Only running water from the tap.

Recently she has been asking for water inside. And then she won't take it. This leads me to think that the problem is not just with my well, since she is not able to get good water outside as she usually does.“


Ashley wrote the following after installing his Standard Vortex Water Revitalizer. It was suggested that he irrigate the lawn surrounding his well with Revitalized water since he had cracks in his well and he was getting seepage from the surrounding mud:

”I have had the VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] installed for three days now. Before installation it had been a few days since the last rain so my well water had somewhat cleaned up but was still very low, with easily visible evidence of some sediment (reddish) from leaking container walls, and a distinct ‘rotten egg’ smell. I picked up a stray cat a few years ago (or rather she picked my house) who is still half wild. She will only drink water from a tap, never in a bowl, and only asks for water during the winter months when everything is frozen over. A few weeks ago, around the same time I started having problems with my water after a particularly heavy rainfall flooded the dug well with fresh runoff, she also started asking for water inside, something she has never done during the summer months. When I offered it to her from the tap, she would not take it and, being picky, neither would she take water filtered from that tap and poured into a bowl.

 In less than thirty minutes after installing the VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] and flushing the system, she once again asked for water and even though there was still a bad smell (though reduced), she drank it. That was a good sign.

For the next two days (and ongoing) I have been watering the area around the well for at least an hour in the evenings and early mornings but not during the heat of the day. By the end of Day 3 there is only a very slight bad smell but I am not nervous drinking the water unfiltered although I am still filtering (Brita) for drinking. Furthermore, the water clearly has a different feel and effect. The toilet bowl does not stain slowly. Soap feel much creamier, the water seems to clean plates far more easily and well. And I like to drink it whereas usually I don’t much like drinking water. My tea tastes quite different, indeed not as good since I am drinking a very cheap supermarket green tea and now I am more aware of some of its deficiencies in flavour, balance and so on.

But even though I have not done any definitive tests (just made VWR [Vortex Water Revitalizer] rice today since wanted to wait until smell abated), I notice some definite differences and given how poor the quality of water was from my damaged well before installation and how pleasant it is now, I am pleased, very pleased, by the results, and would almost go so far as to say that the difference between Day One and Day Four is almost miraculous. What was very smelly, clearly undrinkable water is now sparkling, clean feeling, clean looking, clear and basically decent if not yet perfect water. (I suspect that once it cools down in a few weeks the well water quality will rapidly improve and thus also the revitalized water.)

In any case, although it is hard for an individual to fully confirm such a thing, I personally am convinced that you are making something that works and works well and fully intend, over time and once I have more certainty and experience with the water, to encourage others to get one. I am even considering not bothering with a filter system, but probably should keep it given I am running an organic bakery and have traces of lead in the plumbing system from solder used in the copper pipes.“

Testimonial Sent By
Ashley Howes; Nova Scotia, Canada