Joy of Plants Inc

Shannon Rae
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

”I am an interior landscaper, and have been watering interior plantscapes for almost 18 years. I was introduced to the Vortex Water Revitalizer by a fellow tenant in our office building. Since water is the life of my business, I thought I would give this thing a try. And believe me, I am a skeptic regarding anything with an intangible claim.

I used this device, a curled piece of metal worked into one of my filler hoses for the watering cans, at one of my then largest clients: The Prow Restaurant at Canada Place. They have since closed, due to all the portside expansion, but here is my experience during that time.

I fertilize my clients' plants regularly, but did not while using this system at the Prow. There is a certain type of plant, Dracaena warneckei that are very susceptible to spotting on their leaves from over-chlorinated or over-fluoridated water. Yes, it happens here more often than we know.

As a matter of fact, in Ontario, the interior landscape industry cannot even use the D. warneckeis, as their water is so strongly doused with chemicals, the plants don't even last a month. Nice, huh!

Anyway, during the use of the Vortex Water Revitalizer, the six large D. warneckeis, and the expensive Rhaphis and bamboo palms showed NO spotting of any kind. I also found I could use approximately 10% less water than usual when using the system. I found all the plants, approximately 50 in large pots, from 4' to 15' high, had a fresh, natural new growth to them, similar to that with a "lots of light and fertilizer" boost.

The Prow Restaurant was full of windows, but they had blinds on the upper ones, and it did face N to NW, the lowest light for plants. The 4-15' Ficus nitida were the most difficult to grow, but my experience allowed me to keep them looking quite full. With the use of the Vortex Water Revitalizer, I found that new growth continuously appeared, and this with no windows above them, only halogen grow lights turned on "when the manager remembered."

The Prow Restaurant has been closed for one year now, but these plants are still, overall, healthy and growing. They were closed up in a no-light situation for the last eight months, with dark cloth taped on all the windows while "portside expansion talks" went on. Just two weeks ago, the curtains came down and the plants are again enjoying the natural light they had before.

Overall, I would have to say, contrary to my skeptical beliefs at the beginning, this system did indeed increase the looks and life span of the plants it was used on.“

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